A place of purest beauty, where nature harmonises with the indigenous tribes of South America. The Amazon rainforest spreads primarily across Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

A habitat for three-million different species of plants and animals, this diverse tropical rainforest is home to the most bio-diversity in the whole world. Not only is it one of the most beautiful and natural places ever, it has gained the nickname “the Earth’s lungs”, and not un-rationally, for the large multitude of trees in the rainforest provides an enormous part of the oxygen in our planet’s atmosphere, as well as being the largest carbon sink on Earth.



For a long time, the Amazon has been safe and harmonic but now, wildfires have been sweeping the jungle at an alarming rate, sending thick swathes of ash into various states across South America. These un-necessary forest fires are tearing up the undergrowth, killing defenceless animals, toppling the ancient boughs that have stood, proud and tall, for decades and leaving a devastating trail of smouldering undergrowth wherever they burn.

These are mostly man-made and almost always deliberate attempts at clearing forest to get at older, stronger trees or clearing space to build, grow crops or clear space for livestock to graze.

In the last month alone, 2254 square kilometres of harmless, beautiful, diverse rainforest have been destroyed by raging fires, releasing thousands of kilograms of dangerous carbon into our planet’s atmosphere and devastating the jungle.

These terrible fires aren’t just harming the beautiful creatures of the Amazon. Many tribes are having to flee their homes in search of a safer place to live, away from the dangers of the flames. Most people wouldn’t think this possible, but 4 out of 5 forest fires are started by humans, and we are destroying one of the most breathtaking (and breath giving) places in the world.



In response to these dreadful tragedies, we have decided to create our own skateboarding brand to promote the protection of the beautiful Amazonian rainforests.


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